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Pulse Dust Collector


Product Introduction

LT-4C Pulse Dust Collector 

Pulse filter cartridge type dust collector refers to a dry filter dust collector which takes the filter cartridge as the filtering unit and carries out dust cleaning by air pulse back blowing. 

On the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, the comprehensive optimization of dust removal efficiency, structural performance and reliability has been carried out. After two years of practical test of durability, it has the advantages of high purification efficiency, low operation noise, reliable work, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, long service life, etc., and the equipment is specially used for plasma cutting, laser cutting and welding Treatment of smoke and dust. 

It has the following characteristics: 

1. Filter cartridge, the filter unit used in the dust remover, is made of folded and rolled membrane covered polyester fiber filter material. The filtering area per unit volume is greatly increased, so that the dust remover with smaller shape can handle larger air volume. 

2. Vertical filter cartridge structure is adopted, which is convenient for dust absorption and ash removal. Due to the small vibration of filter material during ash removal, the service life of filter cartridge is long and the maintenance cost is low. 

3. The equipment adopts advanced pulse back blowing ash cleaning device, which has obvious ash cleaning effect, and can control the pulse injection time, cycle, etc. according to its own running resistance, so as to save energy and reduce consumption. 

4. The equipment has compact layout, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance and reliable performance. 

5.It can be divided into indoor place and outdoor place. The indoor place is equipped with silencer, and the air outlet after dedusting does not need to connect with chimney. The outdoor needs to be connected to the chimney. The content of the particles treated by the dust remover meets the national standard and is less than or equal to 10 mg / m3.

Technical Parameters

1. Filter cartridge model: ф 325mm × ф 215mm × 1000mm 

2. Number of filter cartridges: 4 

3. Pulse valve specification: 1 inch 

4. Number of pulse valves: 4 

5. Pulse width: 0.1-0.2s (adjustable) 

6. Pulse interval: 15-60s (adjustable) 

7. Fan air volume: 4000m3 / h 

8. Filtering area: 60 M2 

9. Filtration efficiency: > 99% 

10. Air compressor pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa 

11. Equipped with air compressor, air displacement: ≥ 0.3m ³ / min 

12. Motor power: 5.5kw