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Fixed height bracket machine

Integral Rack: The four feet of the lift adopt the anti-wind polyurethane heavy-load caster, bearing 500 kg of each caster. Two of them are equipped with brake with high wear resistance. 


Product Introduction

Introduction to the Mini Electric Lift

Integral Rack: The four feet of the lift adopt the anti-wind polyurethane heavy-load caster, bearing 500 kg of each caster. Two of them are equipped with brake with high wear resistance. The chassis is 200mm off the ground, which can be moved in the construction site conveniently. The external dimension of chassis is 860mm*1,500mm, adopting the square steel with size of 80mm*80mm, which can ensure the stability and across the door and get in the construction elevator easily. The poles can be put into the minibus after the lay-down and disassembly (The back seats need to be removed).

Poles: The poles of this machine can be connected with the connecting of core in each pluggable extension rod. The original one-way rolling structure of poles can realize the automatic position-limiting of laying poles to ensure the poles won't be fallen back. When the pole is upright, whirling the two turnbuckles under the rack to control the front falling of poles. To increase or decrease the number of extension rod to adjust the height. Equip with two kinds of extension rod, 1m and 0.5m, and connect them freely according to the lifting height. The pole adopts the D60mm*4mm alloy seamless steel pipe; the cores have been turned with heat treatment with external grinding processing to ensure the fit clearance of extension rod and comprehensive mechanical performance.

Electric Windlass:The hoist use 220v 1.8kw motor and steel wire diameter:8mm,so we suggest you raise weight betwwen 300kgs-500kgs for safe..

Pallet: The pallet of this machine can moves on the poles through 4 pulleys. Each pulley has two bearings. The pulley is made through machining with heat treatment to ensure the well mechanical performance and high wear resistance. There are two kinds of support in this machine: fixed type and hydraulic type. The purpose of setting the support is to lower the height of poles of lift as far as possible and increase the lifting height to avoid the water pipe and bridge on the top of lope. a. Fixed Height Pallet Support: It is made of the 40*4 equal angle steel, 1,000mm off the ground, side of top surface of 900mm*1,200mm, affordable the duct with thickness of 2,000mm. For the duct with thickness more than 2,000mm, extend the length of support or use the support to support the flange and lift the distance of one section per time. b. Hydraulic Platform Pallet Support: Addthe hydraulic lift platform support is on the pallet with the size of hydraulic platform of 660mm*800mm and additional large size platform of 900mm*1,200mm, bearing weight of 500Kg, 900mm from the top to the ground. When lifting heavy objects, fall down the hydraulic lift platform and put the object on the platform or block the object up, move the lift under it and lift the hydraulic platform and press the lift to raise the object up.

Remote Control Device (Optional): This machine can choose the remote control device, using for the remote control and wire control. If adopting the remote control, the worker standing on the platform can control the lifting by himself without the operation of ground-service personnel. So, the installation becomes more convenient.

Characteristics Summary: After more than 10 years self-use of our company, this machine has launched to the market and won good reputation. Compared with traditional hydraulic lift, this machine is convenient to move with low failure rate and large height adjustable range. The weight of 4m fixed height support and 4m hydraulic support of this machine are about 210Kg and 245Kg respectively. 2 workers can be cut down by using this machine when conducting the air duct installation. This lift is safe with high efficiency in use.


Technical Parameters

Model and Parameters of Electric Lift



Lifting height

Lifting weight

Motor voltage

Motor power



Standard Lift





Extension rod configuration: 2 pcs for 0.5m and 1m respectively and 1m rolling one on the rack, totaling 4m in height. In actual use, the number of extension rods may be increased or decreased to adjust the lifting height. 2 rods (1m) enables the height of 6m.


Non-standard lift





With 2 telescopic legs and 1 steel tube brace



With 4 telescopic legs and 2 steel tube braces



With 4 telescopic legs and 2 steel tube braces







Additional optional remote and hydraulic platforms are available for the above models.