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Spiral duct

Materials thickness:

Carbon Steel 2mm 

Stainless steel 1.2mm

Galvanzied steel 1.2mm



Product Introduction

Our company has the fixed mold flying shear spiral duct machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, rolling machine, wind pipe hoop production machine, seam welder and hydraulic elbow machine,. We can produce the galvanized spiral duct and accessories, stainless steel spiral duct and accessories, hoop, rain cap, control valve, pneumatic flapper valve, muffler, integral flexible connector, round flange, etc. The company has the cooperation with many customers, such as, domestic environmental protection companies, food machinery companies and spraying equipment company.

Our company can produce 2mm thickness carbon steel spiral duct and 1.2mm stainless steel spiral duct,diameter ranginig from100mm to 2200mm

Technical Parameters