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The leaders of Zhengzhou Rail Company visit our factory

Author: yangfan Time: 2017-11-09 14:33:09

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At 10 o'clock on the morning of November 9, 2017, the leaders of Zhengzhou Rail Company, accompanied by Manager Sun, visited Zhengzhou Yangfan Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. and inspected all the work on site. Work flow, etc. The leaders first came to the public office area to understand the company's development process, management system and future development plan. The leader pointed out some suggestions and opinions for this, hoping that the company will be further improved in the future development. Then, under the leadership of Manager Sun, he came to our production workshop for an inspection. Manager Sun explained the production and synthesis process of the entire production line to the leaders. First, he introduced the galvanized iron sheet from the raw material through the production of five lines to produce a standard wind The whole process of the tube, then, introduced the CNC computer plasma cutting machine to cut the shaped parts, after that, the whole process of single-sided and double-sided, and then the common plate, and then came to the workshop flange automatic production line area, and learned in detail how the flange is from raw materials to The whole process of flange welding into finished products, the leaders of Zhengzhou Rail Company inspected the whole process of how our company uses advanced straight seam welding machine to weld stainless steel air ducts and galvanized iron sheet air ducts from semi-finished products to finished products step by step